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Dengue Outbreak Sweeps Across Venezuela

As the rain continues to fall the number of Dengue cases in Venezuela skyrocket.

This year, Venezuela has had 114,855 cases of Dengue, the highest in the 21 years!  The epidemic surpassed lasted year’s 53,462 cases by more than double, according to the Epidemiological Alert of the Network of Scientific Medical Societies.

Over 60% of the cases are localized in 7 states: Miranda, Zulia, Merida, Capital District Tachira, Lara and Aragua.  But these are not the only states suffering, 8 other states already hold an epidemic status while  another 10 states are  close to reaching it as well.  Falcon state is the worst with a total of 46,336 cases reported.  The Scientific Alert Networks says, “this situation may become worse due to the flooding in recent weeks.”

The best way to treat Dengue is to detect the infection early and begin treatment.  CTK offers a wide variety of tests for the early detection of Dengue.  Click here to see our full list of Dengue tests.