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News Archives: 2011



H. pylori Antigen Test Detects and Differentiates Active and Latent Infection

H.pylori is a spiral shaped bacterium, found in the gastric mucous layer or epithelial lining of the stomach, and is associated with 90% of duodenal and 80% of gastric ulcers which double a person’s risk of gastric cancer, the second most common cancer worldwide. Two thirds of the world’s population is infected with H.pylori which is characterized by a burning.... Read Full Article >



Forecasting Global Cholera Outbreaks

Global cholera outbreaks, due to water or food contaminated with Vibrio cholerae, affect 3-5 million people each year with an estimated  100,000-130,000 deaths.  Cholera outbreaks are increasing, particularly in Haiti where more than 320,000 cases have been reported, resulting in 5,000 deaths since October 2010. Prior to the devastating earthquake, Haiti had been free of this debilitating disease for more than 100.... Read Full Article >



Brazil on Heightened Dengue Alert

With the first quarter numbers coming in, Brazil is having one of the worst Dengue outbreaks they have seen in recent years. With 163 deaths and 1588 serious cases reported for the first quarter of 2011 alone Brazil is struggling to get a handle on their Dengue epidemic. Of the four types of Dengue, types 1, 2, and 4 are.... Read Full Article >



Protecting Children from Malaria Health Risks

As we approach the rainy season, malaria outbreaks are starting to rise.  While malaria has always been a concern for adults and children alike, there has been little emphasis on the harm malaria causes to pregnant women and their unborn children. In recent years the WHO South East Asian Regional Office, Delhi, and CDC, in collaboration with the National Institute.... Read Full Article >



Hepatitis A & E IGM Detection & Differentiation

With the continued increase of Hepatitis out breaks around across the globe, CTK Biotech has been working on a new test, HEV/HAV IgM detection and differentiation. Both HAV and HEV are transmitted by fecal-oral contamination, and their symptoms are quite similar and hard to differentiate.  While both may have similar symptoms, contracting HEV puts you at a higher health risk.  .... Read Full Article >



Dengue Outbreaks Worldwide

Dengue Fever is a world wide virus spread by mosquitoes.  There have been several outbreaks around the world recently, and if you are traveling to these areas you should take precaution. According to the CDC, In Mayotte Africa there has been 75 reported cases since March 2010, and in Cape Verde there were more than 21,000 suspected cases and 6.... Read Full Article >