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Hepatitis A & E IGM Detection & Differentiation

With the continued increase of Hepatitis out breaks around across the globe, CTK Biotech has been working on a new test, HEV/HAV IgM detection and differentiation.

Both HAV and HEV are transmitted by fecal-oral contamination, and their symptoms are quite similar and hard to differentiate.  While both may have similar symptoms, contracting HEV puts you at a higher health risk.   Without proper hydration and treatment the infected are at significant risk of progressing to liver failure and death according to the CDC’s Yellow Book.

In Asia, the Middle East, and Africa the epidemic continues with more than 25 % of the population contracting the virus.   With the new test we are developing, you will be able to differentiate between the infections and start the right kind of treatment sooner.

Keep following us, and you will be the first to know about its release.