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Tips for Rapid Test storage during summer months

Picture1OnSite Rapid Tests are a user friendly diagnostic product and can be stored at room temperature, defined as 2-30°C.  However, during hot summer months, keeping storage facilities at these temperatures is difficult.  Improper storage leads to short shelf life or premature expiration and has the potential to be a big financial loss.  In expired products, we have observed faint test lines, faint control lines, false negatives, and slow flow migration or high background.

To prevent this, it’s best to install a temperature control system, such as a home air conditioner.  If air-conditioning is not available, below are some tips to prevent excessive heat of Rapid Test kits.

  • Store away from direct sunlight.
  • Do not store close to a wall or ceiling, as both absorb heat during the day.
  • Store a minimum of 30 centimeters (cm) away from walls and ceiling.
  • Lower the temperature in the building where you store the RDTs by shading the window and provide natural ventilation. You can do this by; (1) Opening windows at night to release heat and draw in the cooler night air; close windows on hot days to keep the building cool or (2) In a hot, humid climate with little difference between day and night temperature, keep windows and air vents open at all times to allow air to circulate.
  • Install in-ground storage space which is a simple cavity in the ground lined with bricks or other material to strengthen the walls and to keep the inside dry and clean—the size of the cavity depends on the need.
  • Obtain an evaporative cooler box. These boxes are inexpensive and can be made locally.


To track room temperature, we suggest you install a temperature monitoring system.  This can be as fancy as an electronic data logger with alarm system or simply placing thermometers throughout the storage space and record the temperature every day at the defined the time intervals.

If you believe your product was exposed to temperatures outside the specified range please verify product performance and contact CTK Biotech Quality Assurance (QA) at tech@ctkbiotech.com.  Our QA Department is here to assist you, such as how to obtain quality thermometer, data logger, and record forms.