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Major Highlights in 2016

This is a special opportunity for us to share a few major highlights from 2016, and to set the stage for 2017 and how we’ll make continued progress towards our mission of improving global health by discovering and developing easy to use diagnostics. Please know we are grateful for those of you who have joined us on this mission: our distributors, customers, partners and employees worldwide – thank you!

“The talented group of scientists and business developers joining CTK gives us confidence that we are providing our team with an interactive and competitive place to thrive, while most importantly, we are all working toward our core goal of improving global health via increasing access to high quality diagnostics options.”
— Shauna Parker-Clevenger–Asst VP of Operations IVD Division

Annual Highlights – 2016

While we had many accomplishments in 2016, we want to highlight just 3 of them:

ToRCH Panel

After years of leading the development of individual rapid test screening for Toxo, CMV, Rubella, and HSV, CTK proudly launched its ToRCH Panel rapid test in the fall of 2016! To meet the need of countries with limited access to healthcare during pregnancy, CTK released a novel ToRCH panel that provides 11 points of clinically signicant data within 1 device! This “rst-of-its-kind” ToRCH Panel rapid test can be used with whole blood so it can be run in most clinical settings. Our ToRCH panel provides dierentiation screening of HSV-1 and HSV-2, and IgG and IgM dierentiation across all 5 parameters with results available in under 20 minutes!

Dengue ELISA

Our development progress began in early 2016 when we introduced a complete Dengue ELISA range. This range utilizes new technology for optimal sensitivity and specicity across 3 parameters: Dengue Ag, Dengue IgM, and Dengue IgG ELISA kits.


ZIKA infection was prominent in the news in 2016–from health organizations oering warnings for planned parenthood, to aecting international travel to the point of hampering attendance at the Olympic Games in Brazil! CTK’s talented development team saw the urgency for a well-designed diagnostic test and was successful in quickly developing a ZIKA IgM ELISA test. Initial study data shows this test to be higher performing than many other competitors found in this highly visible market right now. This project is closely tied with CTK’s values and passion for high quality and readily accessible tropical disease diagnostic tools.

Looking Forward to – 2017

CTK continues to expand into new diagnostic modalities. While CTK is proud of its 12 years of developing rapid tests and ELISA test in various disease and biomarker sectors, Dr Catherine Chen, our CEO, is guiding our global development teams toward an expansion into more comprehensive diagnostic technologies. Examples include:

Quantitative ELISA
We are fortunate to have the experience and leadership of Dr H Mody who took the helm in 2016 as CTK’s Vice President of Development. His presence has allowed CTK to expand our ELISA production facilities at our San Diego headquarters where we focus on quantitative ELISA kits including both a vitamin and autoimmune series.

“As major infectious diseases are better controlled, and people are living longer and are better educated to protect themselves from disease, there is a newly emerging need for diagnostics as we enter our later adult years. Vitamin D and Vitamin B12 screening is picking up momentum because people don‛t just want to survive, they want to FEEL healthy. We are excited to support this new market demand in the developing world.”
— Dr H. Mody, VP of Technology Development

Molecular Diagnostics
CTK is continuing its diagnostic leadership with our expansion into molecular-based test kits, allowing us to oer diagnostic options from screening to confirmation. Since we are recognized for the quality and value of our wide range of tropical disease diagnostics we will initially develop tests for Dengue, Chikungunya, and Zika. This will provide clinicians around the globe access to a variety of formats for diagnostic confirmatory testing for these wide-spread diseases.

“We are confident that our molecular diagnostic series will meet the demands of a growing, but specific targeted patient population while providing clinicians an easy to run, open system, confirmatory test.”
— Dr H. Mody, VP of Technology Development

For more information and updates about our events, please visit us at www.ctkbiotech.com or email us at info@ctkbiotech.com.

 Please click here to download CTK’s official newsletter, Volume 14, Issue 1, 2016