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Tropical Disease Diagnosis

Tropical Disease Watch at CTK:

Tropical diseases are a class of infectious diseases named after the hot, humid climates in which they tend to be most prevalent. The majority of tropical diseases are spread by mosquitoes and are most common during the rainy season, however due to rising global temperatures transmissions are now occurring year-round.

A Call to Action

Here at CTK, we recognize the critical role that simple and effective screening tools play in disease prevention and treatment. In response to the growing threat that tropical and mosquito-borne diseases pose, we have been working hard to develop an expanded range of diagnostic options to bring you one step closer to the right diagnosis.

Aridia Real-Time PCR Tests

Earlier this month, CTK announced the launch of its Aridia Tropical Real-Time PCR line which targets three tropical diseases (dengue, CHIK, and Zika, and a multiplex of all 3!).
The Aridia brand derives from the word “arid” (meaning “dry”) because our real-time PCR kits are uniquely designed with a lyophilized format! This affords our customers more convenient shipping and storage options. Aridia real-time PCR benefits include:

  • Room temperature shipping
  • Room temperature storage with longer shelf life (24 mos.)
  • Ready for immediate use — NO need to thaw & NO preparation of reaction mix
  • Simplified procedure with fewer steps
  • Open system compatible with most thermocyclers
  • Earliest confirmatory testing method

RecombiLISA Zika IgM ELISA Test

With the list of potential complications from Zika virus infection growing and more countries identifying Zika infections, there is an increased global need for high quality Zika diagnostics. CTK is proud to present the NEW RecombiLISA Zika IgM ELISA Test—a sensitive screening tool with an extended detection window.

  • High sensitivity & throughput from 3 days after infection, up to 3 months
  • Affordable test method appropriate for use in most lab settings
  • Indirect IgM immunoassay with proprietary Zika NS1 protein
  • Currently under review for WHO Emergency Use Assessment
  • Compatible with most ELISA readers & washers, including ALTA ELISA instruments by CTK!


From POCT (rapid tests) to confirmatory tests (ELISA and PCR) and more, CTK is your one-stop shop for tropical disease IVDs!








Ask the Expert   

What is “EUA”?

EUA stands for Emergency Use Authorization and is a tool used by organizations like the FDA and WHO to demonstrate confidence in the use of certain medical products in the case of emergencies based on scientific data.
The RecombiLISA Zika IgM ELISA Test is currently under review for WHO Emergency Use Assessment.

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