Rapid Test Reader CE

New and Improved!

The new and improved RTR-1 uses an image processing method. During measurement, the lateral flow device is captured using a 5-mega pixel camera and the picture is analyzed using image processing algorithms for identification of either presence or absence of test line bands or test line band intensity levels. The reader converts the image into a grayscale and then classifies the intensity levels of the image in 0 to 255 grayscale range. The image processing algorithm undergoes various levels of filtering and segmentation to yield the correct intensity levels from the picture. Based on the preconfigured intensity levels, the reader classifies the band intensity and reads out the results as either positive or negative.


  • Less than 3% intra-run CV
  • Eliminates subjective interpretation by operator


  • Single mode for low volume test setting
  • Batch mode allows for high volume test setting
  • Result output as semi-quantitative line intensity and visual image


  • Built in barcode reader provides faster test setup
  • Touch screen interface for easy operation
  • Lightweight (0.7kg) and portable


  • Results presented on screen, on a printout or uploaded to reader database
  • Storage capacity of 1,000 test results (including images)
  • Laboratory Information System (LIS) and Wi-Fi compatible
Human Machine Interface4-inch resistive touch screen
Camera5 mega pixel CMOS camera
Barcode ScannerIntegrated 1 dimensional barcode scanner
Printer48 mm inbuilt thermal printer
ModeSingle mode and batch mode operations
Port/USBData export and software upgrade through 2 USB ports
StorageStorage capacity of 1000 test results (including images)
Result output“Positive or Negative” as well as quantitative test line intensity
Power12V 2A
ProcessorARM Cortex-A53
PlatformEmbedded Linux
Dimension220 mm X 170 mm X 110 mm (L x B x H)
Weight0.7 kg (Approx.)

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Rapid Test Reader

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