The ALTA AutoLYZER is a fully automatic immunoassay analyzer. The ALTA AutoLYZER is controlled with an intuitive proprietary software to perform all aspects of immunoassay analysis from protocol programming and execution, to data analysis and exportation. The ALTA AutoLYZER consists of a pipette module, a wash module, an incubating module, a reading module, sample and reagent racks, and disposable tip racks. The reading module uses a laser to scan barcode labels on the sample tube to automatically register the sample in the software. The pipette module is equipped with a liquid level sensing function that is used to optimize aspiration height of the pipette arm for zero cross contamination of reagents and samples while transferring and diluting samples and reagents. The pipette module also mounts the wash module and moves plates in and out of the reading module. The wash module consists of 8 sets of aspiration pins and dispense pins which respectively aspirate from and dispense wash buffer into one column of standard 8-well ELISA or CLIA strips. The incubation module consists of a heating plate, incubation cover, and shaker sub-module. During incubation the plates are enclosed in a chamber with temperature sensors and active temperature control to ensure a stable incubation temperature. The reading module contains a light source, filters, and sensors with high luminescence sensitivity and accuracy via PMT technology.

*Availabe for purchase in dual ELISA/ELISA OR CLIA/CLIA configuration


  • Accuracy of ELISA reader is ±0.005 OD or 2.5%
  • Excellent absorbance linearity
  • Luminescence High Sensitivity and accuracy via advanced PMT technology


    • Large immunoassay analyzer performance in a small, economic package
    • Automatic aspiration, injection and well-washing system make it a “walkaway” capable
    • Meticulous temperature control and plate shaking capability
    • Instrument available in DUAL absorbance or DUAL luminescence microplate models
    • Can be purchased in either Dual ELISA/ELISA or CLIA/CLIA
    • Incubation module can hold two microplates independently allowing for different incubation temperatures and times
    • The ALTA AutoLYZER software can program various assays freely
    • Assay protocols can be run as single-track or multi-track schedules
      o on single-track mode an identical assay protocol is run on one or two plates
      o on multi-track mode two different assay protocols are assigned to each plate


    •  Fully automatic system: sample and reagent handling, sample well washing, sample incubation and test sample optical measurement with a touch of a button
    • Uses disposable plastic tips to prevent cross contamination
    • Built in barcode reader provides faster test setup
    • Easy and intuitive software Graphic User Interface
    • Preloaded with optimal user test protocols to run CTK branded ELISA Test Kits to improve operator efficiency


    •  Storage capacity of 100,000 test results
    • Results presented on screen and downloaded to Microsoft Excel
    • Laboratory Information System (LIS) and Wi-fi compatible
    Instrument Dimensions
    Width650 mm (25.6 in)
    Depth830 mm (32.7 in)
    Height650 mm (25.6 in)
    Weight110 kg (243 lb)


    Electrical Specifications
    Voltage100 – 240 V, 50 – 60 Hz
    Frequency50/60 Hz
    Power Consumption< 600 W


    Instrument Specifications
    Number of Plates2
    Number of Sample Tubes96 Patient Sample Positions
    Number of Reagents9 Custom Reagent Positions
    Number of Disposable Tips192
    Barcode ReaderOptional
    Sample Tube DimensionsStandards 13, 16 mm diameter (Customizable)


    ELISA Reader Specifications
    Dynamic Range0 – 3.0 OD
    Photometer450, 630 nm (Optional: 405, 490, 550 nm)
    Filter Slots6
    Precision< 1% CV (2.0 OD)
    Accuracy±0.005 OD or 2.5%


    CLIA Reader Specifications
    Dynamic Rangeup to 7-log dynamic range
    Limit of Detection1 x 10-18 moles of ATP
    Crosstalk3.0 x 10-5

    Catalog #


    DCA 1-2AutoLYZER Dual Plate CLIA Automated Analyzer
    DEA 1-2AutoLYZER Dual Plate ELISA Automated Analyzer

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