Plasmodium Vivax-LDH Antigen

Plasmodium vivax (Pv) is a protozoan parasite, one of the species of Plasmodium that causes malaria in humans through the bite of female Anopheles mosquitos infected with the parasite. P. vivax is less virulent than P. falciparum, but can lead to severe disease and death. P. vivax is prevalent in many regions and it accounts for more than half of all malaria cases in Asia and Latin America. Pv-LDH (Plasmodium vivax specific lactate dehydrogenase enzyme) is an essential Plasmodium protein and it is expressed during the intra-erythrocytic stages of the parasitic life cycle. Pv-LDH is used as a diagnostic marker for the detection of P. vivax malaria.

A3004 is composed of the full length amino acid sequence of the P. vivax LDH which was cloned into a bacterial expression vector. The soluble recombinant protein was expressed by E. coli and purified with affinity chromatography.

  • Physical Status                       liquid
  • Concentration                           ≥ 1 mg/mL by Bradford protein assay
  • Storage Buffer                           25 mM Tris-HCl, pH8.0, 50 mM NaCl, and 50% Glycerol
  • Preservatives                              0.09% NaN3, 5 mM EDTA, 1μg/mL Leupeptin, 1μg/mL Aprotinin, and  1μg/mL Pepstatin A
  • Purity                                                           ≥ 95% on 12.5% SDS-PAGE
  • Purification                                      Affinity chromatography
  • Application                                   Pv-LDH immunoassay control
  • Cross Reactivity                     N/A