Total Vitamin D FIA Test

Vitamin D is a group of fat-soluble steroid-like compounds responsible for increasing intestinal absorption of calcium, magnesium, phosphate, and multiple other biological effects.  One of Vitamin D’s most important roles is maintaining skeletal calcium balance, promoting bone resorption, maintaining calcium and phosphate levels for bone formation, and allowing proper parathyroid hormone function to maintain serum calcium levels.  Vitamin D deficiency can result in lower bone mineral density and an increased risk of osteoporosis or bone fracture. Thus, Vitamin D is also critical for bone remodeling through its role as a potent stimulator of bone resorption

  • Quantitative, non-subjective results
  • Increased sensitivity and broader detection range compared to rapid tests
  1. Range

Working range: 5.0-120.0 ng/mL

  1. Precision

Intra-lot Precision

Intra-lot precision was determined by testing of Vitamin D reference materials using 10 test devices from the same lot. CV ≤ 15%.

Inter-lot Precision

Inter-lot precision was determined by testing of Vitamin D reference materials using 30 test devices from 3 consecutive lots randomly (10 test devices from each lot). CV ≤ 20%.

  1. Accuracy

Vitamin D control materials with two different concentrations were tested by every lot of test device, and the deviations were within ± 15%.

  1. Linearity

A serial concentration of Vitamin D reference materials at 5.0-120.0ng/mL was tested, and the correlation coefficient (R) is ≥ 0.9900.

Reagents and Materials provided:

  1. Individually sealed foil pouches containing:
    1. One test device
    2. One desiccant
  2. Detection buffer tubes
  3. Solution A tube
  4. Solution B tube
  5. SD card
  6. Instructions for Use


Materials required but not provided:

  1. Clock or timer
  2. RaFIA Immunofluorescence Analyzer
  3. RaFIA Immunofluorescence Incubator