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Who is CTK Biotech?

Located in San Diego, California, an area well known for biotechnology and scientific discovery, CTK Biotech develops and manufactures innovative immunodiagnostic tools and point of care diagnostic test kits for the IVD community worldwide.

CTK covers 50+ disease parameters and currently manufactures: OnSite rapid tests, RecombiLISA ELISA kits, Aridia PCR, Positivia external controls, and ALTA instruments.

But did you know we also supply reagents?


Reagents for All Your Test Needs

Whether for use in the field for rapid detection of tropical disease, or in the research lab performing a specific study, CTK has the reliable and verified reagents you need. We’re so confident in our products, that we use them in our own WHO approved, CE marked test kits!


CTK Reagents are Uniquely Optimal

CTK has a unique business model in that we produce our own recombinant antigens and antibodies for later use in the production of our diagnostic and test kits.

Our skill in biomarker identification, generation, and purification give us an edge as we can guarantee excellent control over quality, supply and consistency between lots to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality products at exceptional pricing.


Contract Development & Manufacturing

With over 30 years of technical experience and a new larger facility soon to open, CTK has the tools and technologies to develop and manufacture products to your specifications in quantities from mg to g per batch. And we utilize propriety technology to make soluble proteins, for more application options.

We work diligently to manage costs, stability, and development speed to ensure that our products are affordable, dependable and exceed ever increasing market standards.

Quality Service Tailored for YOU

As an experienced developer and manufacturer, we understand your regulatory, academic, research and clinical needs through each stage of development and research. CTK supports your pre-lot approval, as well as lot and shelf life reserves. A consistent partner for design, development through production, with the detailed communication that is required to achieve global market acceptance.

CTK offers flexible packaging from 100 µg to 100 mg for the variety of needs from research to manufacturing.


CTK Reagent Specialties

We offer a range of unique reagents that are validated by our own test products. We specialize in the following tropical and parasitic virus reagents:

  • Dengue
    Envelope and NS1 Proteins, Anti-Dengue Antibodies, and humanized anti-Dengue Antibodies
  • Zika
    NS1 Protein, Mouse and Rabbit Anti-Zika Antibodies
  • Plasmodium (Malaria)
    Aldolase, Pf-HRP, Pf-LDH, and Pv-LDH
  • Chikungunya
    Wild and Mutant E1 Proteins


Why Choose CTK?

Let us ease your research and development efforts

  • CTK Biotech is one of the only IVD manufacturers that begins with biomarker identification through to reagents to finished IVD kits
  • Utilize our expertise in diagnostic development to speed up your research and production
  • CTK offers working systems in development and design control, key reagents production (antibody and antigen), and finished kits (ELISA, rapid test) with capacity for large scale production
  • CTK is a stable, bulk supplier producing more than 100 million tests each year

Choose CTK Biotech as your partner of choice for all your reagents needs!